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Committees are the operating system of our chapter. Our Committees involve members in the development and delivery of services, represent member opinion in decision-making, and help serve member needs through interaction. They also offer the opportunity for group problem-solving and can be a forum for presenting multiple points of view. Our Committees are also the training ground for future leadership and an arena where emerging leaders can test and refine their skills and abilities. For these reasons, committee effectiveness is critical to chapter operations.

Awards & Achievement – Billy McCain

Branding & Marketing - Demetrius Cattle

ByLaws – George Chavis

Chaplain – Edwin Rice

Communication – Mario Jones

Community Action – William Weeks

Fundraising – Eric Flowers

Kappa League – Joseph Nash

Health and Wellness – William Malone

Historical – Brian Howard

Social  – Kevin Williams

Hospitality - Chris Woodard, Jr.

Membership Training Academy – Brian Howard

Nomination – Dr. Keith Hardiman

NOVA NPHC – Scedric Grace

Reclamation – Carl Mason, Sr.

Scholarship – Pierre Cannon

Senior Kappa – Melvin Hunter

Silhoulette Liaison – VACANT


Strategic Planning & Housing – Eric Williams

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